Warning: For reasons partially explained in a lock protected Adobe Acrobat PDF (click here to qualify for your copy) questioning the what, why, where of Phishing in Oregon for Carp.... which may just happen to be just another Financial Terrorism tactic (who are those guys?) sabotaging the greater good of Oregon ECO responsible citizens.

If you don't see the URL "FoamKrete.com" without any "dot" additions in your browser window, absolutely do not click to reply to anything, other than going through our locked PDFs asking that you help us, help yourself. The E-Mail address 'FoamKrete@gmail.com" seems to have become flagged as a possible fraud favorite on a Portland listing on CraigsList, which is why you might be reading this for being directed by a old-fashioned ink on 'dead tree" paper newspaper ad.

FoamKrete: A Totally Oregon Green / Totally Affordable / Total Quality Movement / Minerals Solution for the victims of Housing Bubble Greed, where a $10 per mineable ton of rock that foams to four to five time the volume of cement, could be a revenge buy-In by a disadvantaged Wall Street 98 percent voter, into a revolutionary Building Materials LLC product start-up.

This actually is the pre-retail brochure trial for introducing the total quality control (TQM) end user advantages of a newly being developed Oregon affordable house building material, that in the next few months is going to be recognized as a non-toxic, PH neutral, nature natural, chemical bundle breakthrough equal in importance to finding a chemical cure for cancer in a still living Amazon rain forest tree. Sorry, if this due diligence opportunity requires a bit of homework that should not left to your paid financial advisor, who may have "underperformed" lately. Realize that this is an individual to individual controlled investment opportunity that cannot be flipped on the speculators flash traded futures market... as American 401-K hedge fund volitability just demonstrated by the total BrExit collapse of the London Metal Exchange!

Right now FoamKrete is one local answer to the Wasting of Family Housing Energy to fuel climate change caused Forest and Brush Fires, with resulting mud slides and flash flooding. And offering a level of untested protection from earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes.

Right now www.FoamKrete.com is looking for Distributor>Dealers>Customers in:

> Portland
> Vancouver - Southwest WA *
> Eugene
> Medford
> Astoria
> Newport - Toledo *
> Coos Bay
> Brookings
> The Dalles
> Bend
> Pendelton
> Barker

This is not a franchise offering, because the almost unique FoamKrete [tm], which in the US supply chain is only in competition with 3-M. Making it perfect for a start-up distributor for retail sales network as a "small business" network outlet for:

> A sprayable, or even wheel barrow mixed trowable Class One Fire Retardant to cover existing exterior wooden walls, while adding lawyers of insulation known to be twice as effective as pink fiberglass.

> As backyard building blocks, lighter than cinder, that can be easily lifted, sawn, drilled, fused together ready in a spray foam finish to really compete a sealed "R" value energy envelope.

> As AAC or CLC formed walls, built laying down upon facing materials emulating siding as brick, lap board, shingles, etc., complete with windows installed, for tilt-up, bolt together for strength, construction.

> As a modified pump delivered CLC, with I-Pad app for 3D printing a CAD designed "blueprint" house, as the Chinese have been doing for $5,000, at the rate of ten per day. And perhaps America's answer of a Fabric-Formwork Concrete as just introduced by Concrete Contractor Magazine.

So in these crazy times of Internet dis-information, hacking, denial of web site access, phishing, etc., if you are interested in more information how to become a part in an Oregon neighborly house raising effort, then raise you hand.

Why? Because the 77 year old, horse packing prospector claim holder wants to tie this bucket list project up with righteous ribbons. He is after all the old, old, Oregon "conservationist" Asperger's Syndrome thinker, as "Global Warming" Al Gore, and "Share Great Things" Steve Jobs, and "Socially Aware" Mark Twain. Besides being the publisher of www.USATravelMagazines.com, and editor for the neglected for the moment of www.OregonTravelMagazine.com, he understands "start-up" finance for having been editor of the Columbia River Economic Development Council's Economic Currents Magazine.

Barry Murray also has the wilderness protection credentials, plus a demonstrated ability to finish projects, for having pioneered what is called today the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, which is available in an E-Book format as a SearchForaShadowofthePast.com, as shown on this BannerBooks.com banner, and the MiningMagazines.com E-Market Report, following:

The whole of a square mile of Oregon's Table Mountain is a uniform mass of enigma, bound together in a riddle, millions of years old, just now being revealed as a very rare sill "neck of a volcano" (smaller than a batholith) in a solidified magma reservoir (or crater lake). Such a formation is uniformly distributed as an easy to identify "in-place" rock, where the ore contains a number of valuable minerals. As FoamKrete, and a few other material thinking outside the, "It can't be done traditional box".

This down-loadable "white paper" has the secrets of a non-toxic natural chemistry that cannot be hidden behind the bizarre control of a European non-patentable attempt to override the Real Estate law of location - location - location, by non-free trade value restrictions of Pacific Coast affordable housing.

Think of all this as a BrExit victory over the London Metals Exchange financial control collapse, for American Patriots "free at last" from England's roadside explosive devices defending a "slavery" economic system where a Director of British Petroleum classified all of US on TV as such a, "little people".

And to be truly accurate since the individual ownership of a Table Mountain in-place ton value may depend upon a FoamKrete contracted mining, milling, marketing, or perhaps developing whole ECO villages, it follows that those wise enough to get in early on the quarry floor, might have some collective thoughts how to keep the flow going to make money by keep a healthy quantity moving in a "just-in-time" delivery system.

Therefore, in the process of developing a dealer/distributor system, it might not be a good idea at this time to share good ideas with potential competitors, though I really need to finish the retail reasons why customer's would benefit from having a local product that wasn't importated to a national big box store.

Click on the PDF "button" to join into a "put your money in your MouthBook style discussion".

almost a boots on the ground visit

Clicking This Reference button will take you deep into an out of date website on a virtual tour of Table Mountain. Barry is working on updating the video, and focus in repairing hackers vandalism.

The unnamed mountain shown on the cover showcasing a prospect in Alaska, was not the Table Mountain some anonymous cyber attacker out of New Zealand (?) spoofed as a fraud, unfairly flagging E-Mail replies from readers wanting verification, as also being spam.

Until Murray finishes locking all protected E-Market PDF Reports and Plans of Action here are some other Adobe Acrobat down-loadable references, certified virus free, that may be published.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material, Sustainability and the Built Environment UC Davis Extension, 2006

Environmental Geology of Lincoln County, Oregon - Bulletin 81, Oregon Department Geology & Mineral Industries, 1973

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Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite Minerals Yearbook, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1994

Consulting Geologists Table Mountain Nepheline Geologic Report, 2008

Author Barry Murray